Margarita Erb Memorial

Margarita Erb ~ 2007 – 2019

She didn’t just exist, she changed the world. Margarita was an orphan in Ukraine who’s condition was considered catastrophic. She was born with so many medical issues that she was labeled a disaster and abandon by her parents from birth. They said she was just existing. But Margarita would not give up. Maya visited her orphanage in 2012. She held Margarita, showed her love and made her laugh. Maya knew that Margarita was doing more than just existing. This was a little girl who deserved a family. Maya knew she needed to bring awareness to Margarita’s story and help her find a family to love her.

Margarita was adopted in 2015 by a family in Wyoming. She was loved unconditionally by her Mom and Dad and sibling. We ask that you keep Margarita’s family in your thoughts during this difficult time.

If you would like to send a card or send anything that I can forward to Margarita’s mother, you are welcome to send it to our office. All cards/letters will be forwarded directly to Margarita’s family.

Maya’s Hope
31 West 34th Street #7065
New York, NY 10001

Some have asked if donations can be sent to help with Margarita’s funeral, there is nothing set up for now, but if you want to send a check with your card, please make out to “cash” and put in the memo “Margarita”. Please be sure to have a return address so that the family can acknowledge your gift.

They also have an account set up at their bank.

Margarita Erb Memorial Fund
Platte Valley Bank
200 16th St.
Wheatland, Wyoming, 82201
(307) 322-9215.