Mark’s last goodbye to Maya

A few days ago, I was working late as usual and I happened to look over at a box of stuff on the floor. I usually don’t bother to look at the paper in the box. But this time, something caught my eye.

There was an envelope that had crayon designs all over…

… I opened the envelope to find a beautiful drawing of a huge purple flower
(purple was my favorite color as a little girl) …

There was more. The next page wished me “Merry Christmas!”
I didn’t realize that I’d been so busy that I forgot to open my Christmas mail …

My heart sank when I saw the next page…

… it was from Mark; one of our sponsored children who just passed away

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I cried when I read his letter.

Here I am in my comfortable apartment, when he lived in a wooden shack with his brother and sister. Their roof was made out of palm leaves and it leaked under the heavy tropical rain. The floor of his house was dirt. There was no bathroom. And he often went to sleep hungry. In his final days, he complained to his father that he was in pain and had difficulty breathing.

But despite his hardships, he made me these beautiful drawings and wrote me a letter to send me his blessings and good wishes…

Goodbye, Mark. I will never forget you.
And I will never stop fighting for children like you.