Mary Jane and Bethlehem Kids Play with Maya’s Camera

Mary Jane is like my little sister. She is especially close to me because she’s not fortunate enough to hear. Since music was a huge part of my childhood, I have made it my duty to help her throughout her life in order to eventually hear the sweet sounds of life.

Check out this video the kids made after they stole my camera at Bethlehem House of Bread Orphanage!

Mary Jane is a deaf child who resides at Bethlehem House of Bread Orphanage in the Philippines. After a year, we collaborated with Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide Mary Jane with a hearing aid!

In this little video from my first trip to the Philippines to visit orphanages, the other kids decided to take over my camera and film. Mary Jane is trying to sing “Nobody But You”, a Japanese pop song. You can see that she likes making the sound “Boop boop!” The other kids are just being kids.

If you would like to sponsor a child like Mary Jane, Arianne, and the other children featured here to get 3 meals a day and go to school, please email