May 2014 Letters from Kalinovka – Natasha

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Natasha with Zhenya and Vera

Hello, Maya! I’m writing you my letter to share with you my mood and some interesting events. By the way, how are you? How is your mood these days? How is life? How is your health?


‎Right now I’m working in the orphanage with the boys in dorm #5. We study mathematics, Russian language, make models out of clay – we recently made a meadow with hedgehogs – the boys really loved making it. We also made a small doll out of a plastic bottle, and started making bees with a beehive to decorate the dorm. The boys love making something new and interesting, they become very engaged with something new.   Out of an auto ramp we made a swan. When we first started they boys weren’t very interested, but were still working and at the end they were thrilled with the results.


That’s how, dear Maya‎, we spent the last month.


Write to me, don’t forget.







Translated by Kat Dudina



Natasha’s Story


I, Natalya Vital’evna Mijevich, was born on July 10, 1993 in the city of Ulovaysk in Donetsk region, Ukraine.


I graduated from high school in 2010 with honors, certificates of gratitude for active participation in caring for the school and my class. I loved performing on the stage, put on dances, skits and comedy sketches. I also attended the “Children’s School of the Arts” for 5 years. I graduated with a diploma showing satisfactory and excellent grades.


Having completed 11 grades in 2010, I was accepted into the Berdyansk State Pedagogical University with majors in Elementary Education and Practical Psychology, which means I can work in a school from 1st to 4th grade and also be a child psychologist.


At the end of my first year of college I met my husband and got married and at the end of my second year I had given birth to my son, Artem. What’s interesting is that my son was born on my birthday, July 10, 2012.


In 2014 I decided to try applying for work at the Chernigov Children’s Home as a caregiver. Working with kids requires effort and patience. I hope to be able to contribute to the Children Home’s residents’ readiness for an independent life in today’s society. I will be finishing my fourth year of college in 2014 and getting ready to defend my thesis. I will not be ending my studies now, as I will continue on to year 5 in order to receive a graduate level education in my major.


At this time I am living in the Zaporozhye province of Chernigov region in the village of Aleksandrovka. My family consists of my husband Yuriy, my son Artem and my husband’s grandmother, Aleksandra Sosipatorovna.  Letter: Hello, dear Maria, In April there were several incidents in my work with the children, which I would like to share with you. In studying the new material, everyone wants to be the best and to perform a certain task in order to receive praise, that’s why in performing a task, the kids compete among each other, which increases their interest in the work. When studying the colors, I would call out an object and the kids told me the color of the object, at which point they engaged in an argument about which animals come in different colors. Each of them was trying to prove their point, so they started to look inside books and magazines for different animals in order to state, “see, I was right.”Every person, especially a child, loves to receive praise, which is followed by a small, even insignificant reward.