May 2016 – Natasha’s Letter!

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Hello, my dear friend!

Decided to write a few words to you. We have some achievements this month. Sasha K now can independently make a few steps around the sofa and responds to “give” and “take” requests.

Sasha K

Sasha K

Alyosha started doing ribbon embroidery and he’s doing pretty well. Maxim, Yura, Vanya, and Oleg learned to make crosscutting crafts. Also, they gladly do their kitchen and bedroom duties, learned to change bed sheets and make beds.


The Boy’s Room

It’s warm outside now and we did some gardening and planted flowers. With Sasha S, we recite letters and try to learn reading. Sasha Z still hasn’t returned and we miss him a lot.

Sasha Z (on far right) in the Happy Village

Sasha Z (on far right) in the Happy Village

Other than this, no big news on our end. I guess we’ll finish our brief message here. Please, write us how you are doing. Waiting to hear back!


Natalia and 5th dorm kids