May Letters from our “Super Mommas” at Kalinovka!

We know we’re a bit late!!! But we have our May letters from our amazing super mommas at Kalinovka!

We hope you enjoy!!! And good news!!! We just raised 3 months salary via Crowdrise, which means, we can hire a new caregiver!!! So we are going to include their names first!!

Special thanks to the following ANGELS!









BUT, we still need to raise funds for the rest of the year… so, please feel free to contribute here!  We will soon announce the new caregiver! 🙂

Without further ado… here are the letters from our fabulous ladies!

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How are you? How’s your health? We are well and wishing you the same!

Recently, we completed a decorative panel in our beading class, which we hung in the kids’ bedroom. It came out looking really neat, everyone liked it!

The kiddies now spend most of their time outside, riding around on their wonder “bike-a-cars”!

Serezha and Artem, as well as some other children, received stereos. They’re excitedly, constantly showing them off to others!

Last week Artem was supposed to have surgery on his legs, but unfortunately it has been postponed. His heart needs to be taken care of first.

Also, some of our kids were taken away, and instead they brought over a few adults. So now we’ll have an adult facility as well.

Today a very interesting thing happened! The boys and I went to a contest where we displayed our crafts! And the boys from the other dormitory shared their vocal talents!


Yura and Lilya

Everyone approached the boys and gave them compliments! They were so happy!!! They were actively engaging with the other contestants, flirting with girls. Serezha was even interviewed! Later they showed him on television. He behaved like a real star! And when on the stage he was asked why he became involved in beading, he answered, “Because I enjoy it and I want to be noticed.”
Everyone was awarded certificates and sweets. They got to experience so many positive emotions and left more energized!!! Our ride home was filled with laughter, jokes and songs! At home everything is fine. We’re preparing for Easter!

So far that’s all. Bye! Hugs!

Lilya 🙂

2013-05-20 16-39-19_0108

Letter from Raisa

Hello, dear girlfriend, This is the caregiver from dorm #6, Raya.

I’d like to share with you our small joys and sorrows.

We are doing collages with Dima and Oleg. Dima independently put glue onto the flowers.  Zhenya started listening to me more and fools around less.

The children continue doing beading work. We take regular walks outside in fresh air, around the grounds of the home.

I was on vacation from April 16 until May 2. While I was away, the children were transferred to dorm #1.  No other news for now. Good-bye.

Raisa with Oleg

Raisa with the Cutie Pies!

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Hi, dear girlfriend! My children and I are sending you the warmest wishes. The long-awaited Spring is finally here, the kids get to go outside more often, enjoy the sun. We took a trip into the woods to pick flowers.

There are some changes in our dorm: Vlad and Igor have been transferred to another children’s home and we miss them, and they brought Varya back to us.

During “bath day” everyone received a fresh set of clothes on their bed, as usual, to dress right after bathing. Nastia picked up a t-shirt, turned it over a few times, and then started to put it on and it turned out pretty well, so now she dresses herself.  Danil likes to make farm animal noises; Foma learned to hold a bottle and likes clapping his hands. These are our successes.

At home everything is the same – constant upkeep of the house and garden – nothing new. So I’ll end my short letter here.




2013-05-20 16-15-34_0107

Sophie’s letter

Hello, sister! How are you doing? Here everything is fine. Spent the holidays at work. We play outside with the kids. They’re also learning to write. We have great notebooks with different assignments: to train memory, attentiveness and logic.
We’re learning to write and to count.  Little by little! During their free time they play their own games, watch television.  The kids also really enjoy making animals and other figurines out of clay. In general everything is fine.
Write to me! We’ll say good-bye for now. Bye!

2013-05-20 16-02-52_0102

Larisa’s Letter

2013-05-20 16-04-00_0103

Larisa’s Letter

Hi, dear friend!Sending a huge hello and best wishes from the boys and girls of dorm 1.  Now we are learning together, since the boys from dorm 3 were transferred to the bed-ridden dorm. In the beginning it was hard for the boys to get used to the new dorm – here they were on the 2nd floor, so they loved to look out the windows. Now they’re in new surroundings, with new people, new children, but little by little they’ve gotten used to it and everything will soon fall into place.

When I come in, it’s interesting to see them socializing with each other.  They share the same table, sitting there, looking at each other, trying to find a connection.

During lessons the kids are behaving better than they did in the beginning. At first it was extremely difficult to keep their interest for 15-20 minutes, whereas now they can sit for an hour and keep trying.

We’ve already made 3 figurines – a birch tree and 2 apple trees. We know it isn’t enough, but we are trying. Now we are making the branches to build a weeping willow. During breaks we draw and listen to music.

I’ll end my short letter here. See you soon. Bye.


Boys and Girls

2013-05-20 16-07-58_0104 (2)

Valya’s Letter

Hello, dear girlfriend!I want to share our good news with you.

Our boys have become more amicable and independent. They gladly helped to clean up the territory of the house. Even Maxim climbed off his wheelchair and helped weed the grass with one hand (his right). Oleg also worked very hard. He fools around less now and started repeating some words and sentences.

The boys have stopped picking on each other. When we go outside, they ride their scooters and share with the others.

Yura also started taking the scooter up on the hill himself and only then sits into the carriage to have someone push him.

Sasha and Serezha took their beaded crafts to a contest in Zaporozh’e and returned with certificates of achievement.


Translation by Kat Dudina, Maya’s Hope Volunteer.

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