Maya’s Hope Superstars: Meet Dindo and the gang!

Maya: What’s your name?
Dindo: Dindo po.
Maya: Wanna say it again?
Boy in background: Lakasan mo louder (Say it louder) Lakas (Louder)
Maya: Lakas (Louder)
Boy in background: My name is Dindo. Lakasan Mo (Say it Louder)
Dindo: My name is Dindo.
Maya: Age? Age mo? (Your age?)
Boy in background: Ilang taon ka na? (How old are you?)
Dinod: Ten
Maya: Ten?
Dindo:: Opo (Yes)
Boy in background: Anong ginagawa sayo ng nanay mo? (What does you mother do to you?)
Maya: Bakit…dito…(Why…here)
Boy in background: Bakit ka nandito (How are you here?)
Dindo: Binubugbog po ako samin (I get beaten up in our place)
Maya: Okay
Boy in background: Pinapaso mo ako ng plantsa (I get burned with an iron)
Dindo: Lagi po ako pinapaso ng Mama ko. (My mother always burns me)
Maya: Where’s your Mama?
Dindo: Nasa amin po. Bulacan po (In our place. In Bulacan)
Note to Maya: He mentioned a place but I can’t decipher what he said.
Maya: Okay
Dindo: Pag po ako nasa amin lagi po ako pinapaso. tapos po pag di ko nabigyan ng pera, ano daw po, bubugbugin daw po ako, kaya ko po hindi binibigyan ng pera pinambibili lang po ng shabu. Kaya po hindi ko binigbigyan ng pera. (When I am at our place, I always get burned. Then If I don’t give money, I will get beaten up. I dont give money because she only use it to buy shabu. Thats why I dont’ give money.)
Note to Maya: Shabu is the street name of Methamphetamine in the Philippines.
Maya: And ah Is your Mommy nice?
Dindo shakes his head
Maya: Your Mommy is not nice?
Boy in background: No
Maya: What did Mommy do to you?
Dindo points to the side of his torso.
Maya: Yeah
Dindo: Pinaso po ako…ng plantsa po (She burns me…with an iron)
Boy in background: Plantsa is iron
Maya: So she took an iron. Stand up for a second. So this poor child had his mother take an iron to him. It hurt? Yes? And so luckily he’s now here at San Martin. He’s been abused by his own mother. It’s awful. So now are you a superstar?
Boy in background: Superstar
Lady in background: Smile anak (Smile child)
Maya: I’m a superstar.
Boy in background: I’m a superstar.
Maya: Can we have a hug? Can I have a hug? Look at this guy. He’s so strong. Such a good kid. These kids are so amazing. I don’t even know how they are so strong and to think that his own mother did this to him.
Maya: Oh, now we got a new one. Alright. So oh get comfortable there crossing your legs. Okay. Alright.

Maya: What’s your name?
Sandy: Sandy po.
Maya: How old are you Sandy?
Sandy: Thirteen years old.
Maya: Thirteen. Wow! Okay. So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Sandy: My mother is dead. My father is dead.
Maya: You don’t have parents? Do you have brothers? Sisters? Kapatid?
Sandy: Yes meron
Maya: Okay, how many?
Sandy: Five siblings
Maya: Five!
Sandy: Yes
Maya: Where are they?
Sandy: Manila
Maya: Manila? So where is your family from?
Sandy: What?
Maya: Your family…saan? saan? (where where?)
Sandy: Saan sa Manila? (Where in Manila?)
Maya: Yes. In Manila?
Maya: Saan? Tondo? (Where?)
Sandy: Parola, Parola.
Maya: Okay.
Sandy: Delfan
Maya: Delfan, Okay. So when you were maliit (little), when you were maliit (little), what did you, did you have to work? Trabaho?
Sandy: No
Maya: No you never work?
Sandy: No
Maya: No. Did you eat when you were a kid?
Sandy: yes
Maya: You always ate?
Sandy: Yes
Maya: When did your mommy and daddy died?
Sandy: My mom…sick.
Maya: She was sick?
Sandy: Cancer.
Maya: Cancer? oh that’s awful.
Sandy: My dad…gang!
Maya: He was what?
Sandy: Gang!
Maya: Gang? oh killed. Your father was killed in a gang.
Sandy: Yes
Maya: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But you’re so strong. you’re very strong. Are you a superstar?
Sandy: Yes superstar.
Maya: Superstar. I love it. So you don’t want to be in a gang right? no gangs for you. No gangs
Sandy nods his head
Maya: No gangs. Good. Can I get a hug? you’re so cute. Alright Thank you

Maya to camera: Alright this is superstar number 3. Now I wanted to say that I love Alex. Alex has been an orphan..oh I’m taking over. I love Alex because pretty much he has been abandoned since birth and he was in Bethlehem, he was out of Bethlehem. I found him in the street one night and they transferred him to another orphanage where he was being mistreated. Now he’s here in San Martin and now years he’s eleven years old and we’re back together reunited. So I got to show my superstar, I love Alex.
Maya: Alex. Alright
Alex: Ate Maya, I love.
Maya: You love me?
Alex: Yes
Maya: Really? how much? how much?
Alex: So very very
Maya: oh oh oh so very much.
Alex: And I’m superstar
Maya: You’re a superstar. Really?
Alex: Yes
Maya: Are you a big big superstar?
Alex: yes I’m a big big superstar. I’m a very big superstar
Maya: And you can sing, you can dance right? Do you still sing and dance Alex?
Alex: Yes
Maya: You do, really? Are y gonna dance and sing for us sometime today?
Alex: Ah
Maya: I know you love to sing and dance you use to as a kid.
Alex: Yes
Maya: But you’re still a kid right? are you still a kid?
Alex: Yes
Maya: And your English, is your English getting better?
Alex: Yes
Maya: Is the English better?
Alex: Yes:
Maya: Good good.
Maya: Do you eat? You eat well? Do you eat?
Boy in background: Tagalog
Maya: Tagalog. I got one. I got one over here. I do. I do. So um let’s see, so you’re very happy to be at San Martin?
Alex nods his head.
Maya: And your last place? What’s the name of the place you were before? The bahay before? The one, the one before San Martin?
Man in background: San ka galing bago ka napunta dito? (Where did you come from before you got here?)
Alex: Lingap….
Note to Maya: He mentions the name of the place but I can’t decipher what he said sorry.
Maya: And were you happy?
Alex shakes his head.
Maya: No. Right. It was not a good place for you right?
Alex nods
Maya: Okay now you’re happy again right?
Alex nods
Maya: Okay Alright this is my superstar Alex. I love this little kid. Okay
Alex: Ate can I get a hug?
Maya: I love this kid. Say Bye
Alex: Bye

Transcript by volunteer Ken Roxas