Meet Jenna Ledbetter

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Hello! My name is Jenna Ledbetter and I am a summer intern at Maya’s Hope!  I found Maya’s Hope through Volunteer Match while I was looking for a productive and meaningful way to spend my summer.  I am a college student going into my junior year and I am transferring to Pitzer College in the fall. I am originally from Connecticut but am making my move to California at the end of the summer.  I originally applied to Maya’s Hope as a volunteer to come in occasionally to make cards, but after speaking with Maya I decided that I wanted to dedicate my summer to Maya’s Hope full time.

All of my high school and college jobs so far have revolved around children whether it was nannying, being an after school counselor, or working at a daycare at my gym.  When I learned more about Maya’s Hope, I knew that this organization was a perfect way for me to gain experience in an administrative position while focusing on a mission I am passionate about.  

At Pitzer College I will be studying Legal Studies with a focus on Human Rights with the goal of becoming a lawyer to represent underserved populations.   In my free time I enjoy exploring the city with friends, spending time with my family, trying new coffee shops, and going to yoga and spin classes.

I am so excited to continue my work at Maya’s Hope this summer and am grateful for the opportunity to work at an organization that both changes and saves lives.