Meet Lori Seward


Hi, my name is Lori Seward and I have been a volunteer at Maya’s Hope for about 4 years on and off. I saw on and off because I am a semi-retired college professor who often travels during the summer. So, I come and go from NYC and from Maya’s Hope. But it is always a pleasure when I return and Maya greets me with a big hug (and plenty of work that needs to be done!). I help Maya with a variety of tasks of all kinds. I do mailings, organize things in the office, proofread and edit documents and, in general, try to take some of the stress off of Maya. There is so much to do to keep a small non-profit organization going. I found Maya’s Hope through Volunteer Match and was hooked on my first day when Maya gave me the Annual Report to read and it made me cry. I sponsor a child in the Philippines and donate to various Facebook campaigns. And after hearing about the organization from me and reading my posts on Facebook, my mom does, too!

Lori sponsors Erich!

Lori sponsors Erich!


We are always grateful for an extra pair of hands!