Meet Olha (Ollie) Koshelieva


Hello there! My name is Olha, friends call me Ollie. I’m a Ukrainian. After I came to the US in 2014 and before I’ve got an official authorization to work, I tried to occupy myself with something nice, useful and legitimate. 🙂 Volunteering was my only option, so I started my search. In July 2015 I found a posting about Ukrainian translator needed for Maya’s Hope, and immediately responded with readiness and eagerness to help. I do translations of letters, reports, etc. from Ukrainian and Russian into English and occasionally vice versa.

Aside of collaboration with Maya’s Hope, I wear many hats – advertising account executive, English-as-Second-Language instructor and even sales associate, as well as passionate reader, creative knitter, self-development enthusiast and much more.

Since I live in Alabama, I can help Maya’s Hope only remotely. And sometimes it makes me sad, because its mission seems to me extremely important; and I wish I could help more. Anyhow, I feel very proud and honored to be a part of Maya’s Hope volunteers.