Meet the Cutie Pies of Ukraine!

Maya’s Hope provides support to orphanages and institutions in 4 different region of Ukraine. Hundreds of orphans with special needs receive loving caregivers, therapy, medical equipment, diapers, formula and more thanks to Maya’s Hope and our supporters. 

You can meet some of the Maya’s Hope Cutie Pies below!

Please email if you have any questions about a specific child or sponsorship program.

Kristina has a beautiful smile! 

Evgenia loves to be held!

Tetiana is small and sweet!

Varya is a little firework!

Sasha’s smile will light up your life!

Nastya loves cellphones! 

Elena is so sweet! 

Bogdan has the best smile!

Gregory loves seeing his friends! 

Ivanka likes to hold hands!

Vladislav is a handsome and sweet boy. 

Vadim loves attention!

Oleg loves to play with cars!

Vasyl likes to be held!

Katya likes to keep busy!

Alina is a little princess!

Igor is our little fighter! 

Kolya’s favorite toy is a rattle! 

Mykhailo has beautiful dark eyes!

Danya will make you smile!

Ira is a total joy!

Marianna is beautiful! 

Volodymyr loves cuddles! 

Dasha is smart and beautiful! 

Anna loves cuddles! 

Ruslan loves to be tickled!

Dima is a very smart boy!

Illya has beautiful eyes!