Nastya (Ukraine) – Born 2010

While Nastya was still in the womb, a “true knot” formed in her umbilical cord which led to hypoxia and hemorrhage in the brain. After birth she spent two weeks in the intensive care unit, two months in the department of neonatal pathology, and was then discharged home with a lot of diagnoses, convulsions, lack of a swallowing and sucking reflex. Nastya has a tracheostomy to keep her airways open and a g-tube (one of very few children in Ukraine to have one) so she can safely receive nutrition.

She has an extremely loving family who take very good care of her. But it is not easy. The essential equipment, medications, tubes, filters and
nutrition she needs are very expensive in Ukraine.

We are looking for monthly sponsors for Nastya so that we can continue to provide her with what she needs to survive and thrive.
Her needs are currently US$235 per month.

You can sign up to become a sponsor for US$30 per month HERE!

Please email for more info or to set up a custom monthly amount!