News from the Foster Homes!


“Family is the main place for a child to communicate. The relationship between parents and children is one of the strongest human relationships. I came to the conclusion that parents should become active participants in the education process, because our common goal is the well-being of our children.



Mother, educator and I prepared poems for the New Year holidays. Poems were recited by: Maxim K, Sergey, Artem, Dmitry and Vitaly. Dmytro and Maksym also sang the song “Yalinka” on Christmas Eve.



Staff of the Maya’s Hope Charitable Foundation also came to us for the holidays and brought many gifts from sponsors. Children are very happy, because they love gifts (it’s nice to look at children’s smiles on their faces).


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During the month I wrote with Artem, Vitaliy, Georgy and Oleksandr. With Sergey and Maxim were engaged in reading. Katya performs joint work with educators to maintain order in the house. Sofia makes a three-component pyramid. Maksym B and Oleg paint coloring pages.


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With Vera played in “Guess what’s in the picture”, the game occupies a significant place in learning.”


“In December we decorated the tree with great pleasure!”



“In February, Serezha and I were engaged in developing board games and, as usual, were engaged in lessons – we read, solved examples in mathematics. Games, of course, Seryozha really likes, in contrast to the lessons.
With Masha and Andrey, we drew and assembled figures from various constructors. These activities are very exciting for children. With Kolya and Seryozha S, we also played board games and the boys really liked this lesson. They figured out the rules of the games and played with pleasure.


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With Maxim, we discuss the films that he watches. And, as usual, Maxim goes in for sports. We read with Nadya. Of our schoolchildren, Nadia reads the best, but she has trouble with the multiplication tables. Nadya and I learned the verse at school, and while Nadya was teaching, Tonya began to prompt her – Tonya remembered the verse earlier than Nadia, although Tonya does not like to study.


With Tonya, cook in the kitchen. She does this with pleasure. This month Tonya celebrated her birthday – they prepared a festive dinner, a big cake. Everyone congratulated Tonya, she was very pleased.”



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