November 2014 – Olya’s letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi my dear friend!

It’s Olga and the girls from our group writing to you.  The weather today is beautiful – we’ve gotten so much snow!



The girls and I went outside and built a snowman and played with snowballs, there was so much happiness.




As long as there is snow, they instantly ask when St. Nicholas is bringing them presents – they can’t wait for New Years!










We already finished decorating the Christmas tree with garland, as well as all around the tree with crafts.  Larissa folded the papers and Katya glued them on.  We also made flowers, then we painted them, and made them colorful. We are now doing all the things to get ready for the New Year celebration. Our home is covered in so many different decorations – everything they (the children) did was with such enthusiasm and the nannies helped us as well.  We want to plant lots of flowers. Larissa and Katya water all the flowers that we already have.






But not everything is going as smoothly, as we would like it to.  The doctors visited us and you should have seen how they neglected us and squeamishly looked at us. None of them (besides the pediatrician and her assistant) even touched the children.  It begs the question – why did they even come?! It was very hurtful to me, I felt sorry for the children.


So that’s how life is going.  At home, everything is going well.

See you later! Happy New Years!


olya nove

Translated by Bogdan Belei