November and December 2018 – Updates from Western Ukraine!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Igor is the most cheerful and the most energetic guy in the orphanage. He is interested in everything, however, his greatest passion is technology. TV, phone, headsets – Igor can hook up and set up everything 

That’s why since now the Maya’s Hope caregivers have been combining the boy’s interest with music practice – Igor greatly enjoys singing with the microphone, as the microphone is also a piece of technology. Igor’s new hobby is an excellent exercise for general development of speech and language.

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Funny and cheerful Yurchik is a real bundle of energy 😉 Just like that, the boy together with the Maya’s Hope caregivers works out every day. Because he dreams to grow up healthy and strong!

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Tania is 12. She is a very cheerful girl. Despite not being able to talk, she understands everything, sometimes she can even pronounce words in her own special way. That’s why the caregivers pay great attention to developing activities with her.

She greatly enjoys looking through books, listening to interesting stories. She learns how to draw and write😊. The girl cannot sit, that’s why during the lesson with her the caregivers invent various means to accommodate her position.

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Little Basketball Player ⛹️‍♂️🏀

Playing with the ball is Vadim’s most favorite activity. For him it is various movements, sincere emotions, and an opportunity to be a little mischievous 😉

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Ira does not walk and does not talk, but she is very sociable and likes to spend time with the caregivers – in their loving arms she learns joyfully how to stand on her little feet 🙂

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Vasyl spends most of the time in bed. But when he is together with the Summer Angels, he is eager to sit and stand on his feet. Also, Vasia loves to hug a lot 🙂

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Nazar and Katia are blood related brother and sister. Although the kids look alike a lot, they have very different personalities. Nazar is quiet, calm and reserved in communication and Katia is a very active and lively girl, who is called “zhyvchyk” (an extremely active and curious person) by everybody in the orphanage. Both of them are in a great need of attention. The caregivers notice that during lessons Katia and Nazar start to show significant interest in learning something new.

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Vanya is a very cheerful guy with a never fading smile on his face. He enjoys swinging on the swing sets, putting puzzles together, and with the caregivers he likes to learn poems and color pictures 😉

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Zhenia ❤️ She is a gentle and sensitive girl with very deep and completely mature eyes. Because of the congenital abnormalities, Zhenia cannot walk and sit, that’s why she is in a constant need of help from others. Although the girl is not able to talk, she knows very well how to get attention and express her emotions. With the caregivers Zhenia enjoys greatly playing with the blocks and putting puzzles together. She learned to do all of this with the help of her mouth.

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Little Bohdan together with the caregivers has learnt new words, and now is figuring out how to eat by himself. Also, he draws on the board and can even make jokes.

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Curious, cheerful and friendly – all this is about Oleksiy 😉 This guy enjoys talking on the phone, playing with the ball and spending time with the caregivers.

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Touch is especially important for children who are deprived of mother’s warmth. That’s why the caregivers try to keep the children in their loving arms as much as possible. This is Mariana with the caregivers. She is a very active and lively girl 🙂

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Victoria is a special girl. Well-behaved, affectionate, attentive, and caring💕The girl rarely speaks, but she understands everything and is a real helper to other kids. Also, Vika can make great hairdos.

The girl greatly enjoys drawing and hand clapping games together with the caregivers. Development of tactile perception helps children to learn more about the world.

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Little Bohdan is very sociable and always enthusiastic to learn something new. Together with the caregivers he is training to walk on his own. Also, the boy truly enjoys playing with building kits. He gets very happy every time he can successfully put the pieces together 🙂

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Look into these joyful eyes, check out this sincere smile! This is Oleg and this is how happy he is when our caregivers spends time with him. The boy cannot walk, he stays most of the time in bed. However, as soon as he gets into the sensory room, he becomes more active. He starts rolling around on the carpet and takes off other kids’ socks and shoes in a playful manner. Oleg enjoys company very much: he always has a great time and laughs when being spoken to.