October 2014 – Olya’s letter!

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Hello dear Friend,

It’s Olga and the girls writing to you. We are doing alright. The weather is beautiful, so we spend as much time as possible outside. Sometimes we go to visit the boys’ quarter, or go to the forest and pick dry leaves for crafts. Soon we will celebrate the day of social worker and Larisa learned a poem to congratulate the girls. Also we’ve started preparing for the New Year’s. Larisa is learning poems, other girls make garlands and Christmas tree decorations.



My girls do a great job! Zhenya sets the table for meals and rushes to get dishes every time she passes by the kitchen. She also tries to make her bed, however, still struggles with that, and collects toys in the end of the day. I also feel like she’s become less aggressive.



Vera gets dressed without any assistance, helps make her bed, and looks after little kids when asked. She loves when someone reads her stories or poems and enjoys viewing pictures in books.



Olya is sick now, so she’s being a bit capricious. Anzhela can stand for a little while without caregiver’s assistance and walks a bit better. Varya recognizes her name and comes up when she’s called.




Varya and Miroslava

So that is how we are doing here. I miss Maxim and Danya very much and saw them in my dreams recently. My family is doing alright too.

*Olya and Maxim (Maxim and Danil were transferred along with the other bedridden children to Kirov orphanage so Olya is no longer their caregiver)*

I shall finish my letter here. Best wishes from Olga.

P.S. Today we attended a concert. Larisa recited a poem. Girls were so happy!!! There was so much laughter!!! You should’ve seen that!

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska

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