One American’s Mission to Fight Atrophy for Orphans in Ukraine

100 Soldiers x 100 Days by Michael Meltzer

She had just returned from a two week trip to the Philippines to check in on the 90 cutie pies that Maya’s Hope sponsors there. Right away, Maya Rowencak, Founder of Maya’s Hope, started thinking about her other cutie pies over the ocean in Ukraine who are bedridden and in an orphanage in Zaporizhia. It was February 21, 2014 and looking at the calendar she realized she had to do something to help decrease their atrophy.

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Sasha, the massage therapist, with Yulia

She set a goal. June 1st.

She had 100 days to raise enough money to pay for massage therapy for these kids for a whole year. 100 days. 100 days to raise $10,000! How was she going to do it? Clearly, she realized, while running Maya’s Hope and coordinating the care of over 150 kids across the globe, she could not do it herself. She knew she needed an army. She knew she needed help. She came up with the idea of getting 100 people to each raise $100 in 100 days. Then she would have her $10,000 necessary to have massage therapy for an entire year. “It’s amazing what we can do…”, says Rowencak. “We have a kid who was in bed for years and now because of the massage therapy is able to start walking! It’s really quite amazing. However, we need money to do it.” Rowencak already has 42 members who have joined her team. The goal again is 100 people each raising $100 in 100 days. Can you raise $100 by June 1? If so please click on this link and JOIN THE TEAM!!!

Margarita in her crib

Margarita getting a massage

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