Photo Diary – December 01, 2012 at 04:47AM

If you take care of a motherless child, somehow, God will take care of you.

While I’m NOT a fan of gambling, I did buy a powerball ticket. Of course, much to my chagrin, I lost. However, I just saw this morning who the powerball winner was. It was Cindy Hill from Missouri. I’m sure many people were disappointed they weren’t Cindy Hill, but I sure wish there were more people like Cindy. Not as Powerball l winner, but as a loving parent of an adopted child, Jaiden.

While CNN is reporting about money, I’m reporting about the selfless deed of yet a blessed family who took a child into their home. As I reflect on my trip to Ukraine, I realize that these kids need need more than my hugs and kisses… they need a loving family.

So I hope that instead of people wishing to win the Powerball, that others will follow Cindy Hill and become real winners… a winner who instills value into a child who deserves to be loved.

Read the article on CNN here: via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook