Photo Diary – December 06, 2012 at 04:52PM

FINALLLLLLLLLLY! Yes! Backflips! Jumping for Joy! Pirouettes on tippy toes!

Mark James just got sponsored! A group of colleagues at a fashion company all decided to sponsor a cutie pie each… There was the Visit to Cutie Pies, Commit to Hope… paperwork! Emails! Jetlag! Strep throat! You name it… it was pure craziness!

So when we received an email that 9 cutie pies were going to be sponsored, we were simply… giddy little schoolgirls!

Mark James was on the TOP priority list because he’s the last kid from Norzagaray who needed a sponsor. He waited for a sponsor since (gasp!) 2009! (oh dear God!)

And now, Hannah from New York is his new loving sponsor! Let’s welcome Hannah with open arms, squishy hugs, and flying kisses (hey, you might get strep!)…

Thanks Hannah!!! We look forward to announcing the other lovely co-workers!!!

xoxo via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook