Photo Diary – December 06, 2012 at 09:53PM

We had to highlight Hermelina again… because… well… it’s Hermelina!

You’re looking at her picture and thinking, awwwwww… that’s because she’s a good girl. Shy, but a tough cookie. She’s not a ham like Oleg in Ukraine, but she struggles every day just as much as Oleg and the cutie pies at Kalinovka.

She just wants to have a comfortable life and be a kid… but she knows how hard her father must work as a tricycle driver.

She’s too young to have to worry about how she will eat. She deserves to go to school, she deserves a pair of shoes, she deserves a uniform. Not because she’s cute, but because she’s our daughter. She’s your daughter. She’s a Maya’s Hope superstar and we’re going to make sure that Hermelina shines and can provide for her family one day! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook