Photo Diary – November 08, 2012 at 08:23AM

I was asking our dear sweet social worker about one of our Maya’s Hope Superstars… His sponsor Tanya from New York sent him a huge $200.00 gift for Christmas… (And, interesting tidbit, Tanya is from Ukraine and specifically chose a child in the Philippines!!!)

I had to show this beautiful kid and his family… Tanya, thank you so much for really loving this cutie pie.

Here’s an update from Agnes, our social worker in Norzagaray!

“Dear Ma’am Maya and Tita Leila,

I have interviewed Mathew – was born on April 20, 1998, he is the eldest son of Nenita… to her first husband, but are now separated and Nenita is now working as laundry woman to help Mathew’s stepfather who works as a construction worker in Taytay Rizal. Mathew is now II= High School, studying at Minuyan National High School. He cooks food for the family, also fetch water from the river near their house, his favorite subject is Social Studies. His favorite color is red, and Hunter X Hunter, loves to play basketball and badminton. He loves to eat adobong kangkong and apple. They cook food using charcoal.
He is the brother of Nicole Rodriguez also a sponsored child of Maya’s Hope.
He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. They belong to a poor family and being a sponsored
child is a big help for them. They are very thankful to be chosen.
I have some of the photos taken in their house with his siblings.”

Sorry her note is a bit spotty… it’s the internet connection they have! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook