Photo Diary – November 30, 2012 at 01:26AM

Since I returned from Ukraine, it has been a whirlwind of events… I came home with the souvenir of strep throat from one of the kids at Kalinovka, (don’t worry, I got on antibiotics ASAP!), had to prepare for Commit to Hope, put together a speech… but the worst news was discovering that Zhenya had passed away on Tuesday from an epileptic seizure at Kalinovka in Ukraine. I had just been with him last week!

To think that a child passed away at an orphanage.

So on top of the jetlag and the hundreds of emails I must respond to, we are also putting together a tribute for little Zhenya. It may take a week or two…

Zhenya was 11 years old. He may not have left his mark in the world, but he left his mark on my heart.

Commit to Hope on Wednesday was dedicated to Zhenya.

While I would have dedicated Commit to Hope to my mother, I realized, I dedicated Maya’s Hope to her already. Hopefully my mom will take care of little Zhenya in heaven. She can give him kisses for me. 🙂 via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook