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Photo Diary – October 07, 2012 at 08:26AM

I can’t show a video of our princess without showing her before!

Here is Tanya before… the video shows her vast improvement… Tanya is 18 years old.

She has fought so hard to reach these 18 years… she deserves a happy lifetime where she can laugh like Margarita …

Let’s keep making miracles… Thank you to Barbara from New Jersey, Chersteen from California, Ashlee from Texas for being Margarita’s Hope sponsors… If you want to help sponsor Margarita’s, Tanya’s and Nastya’s formula as well as the other bedridden children, send an email, comment below… no amount is too little…

I named a sponsorship program called “Margarita’s Hope” because Margarita was the angel whose story really got to me… Seeing her tiny body struggling to breathe with high fever, I knew that she became one of the most important children we had to help… so that we could help others just like her…

Tanya is an example of this fighting spirit that Margarita has… And they’re both princesses. They’re my princesses. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook