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Photo Diary – October 08, 2012 at 12:06AM

I know, it pains me to see this photo… I love this little boy…
His name is Ryan… This was his first picture when he was admitted at Bethlehem Orphanage… I didn’t share this with his sponsor Rhonda, until now… I was going to keep it private, until I realized, that people must know how these children are saved by these institutions…

When Ryan first arrived, he couldn’t even walk because he was so weak. I know I featured this little boy so much in videos, but it’s because I truly love this child as if he was my very own.

I’m happy to say that he is growing… slowly but surely… and you can see his picture from yesterday as he’s eating ice cream… I remember I used to feed him breakfast and to watch him gulp all his food.. it made me want to cry… because for most of his short life, he didn’t have a full meal or none at all.

It was a stranger who begged the orphanage to take in this child…

Ryan is everyone’s child… It is children like him that keep me working hard every minute of the day… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook