Photo Diary – October 10, 2012 at 11:32PM

Move over Gerber Baby…. He’s PediaSure’s Ryan!!!!

His loving sponsor Rhonda was sooo concerned that Ryan was too skinny and inquired about his weight and diet….

Leila, the administrator at the orphanage, made a promise that Ryan is doing much better, it’s only a slow progress after having suffered malnutrition.

Leila writes:

“Here’s Ryan’s happy face as he gets his supply of Pedia Sure infant formula that boosts his
appetite and replete with vitamins and minerals he needs.

After taking his photos he specifically went to my office as if looking for affirmation and thumbs up!!!

With this formula, we’ll monitor how his weight would progress in the next few weeks.”

Thumbs up Ryan…. You have my heart already. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook