Photo Diary – October 14, 2012 at 12:06PM

And they’re off! Both our boxes have been shipped, and now we have many more boxes to fill… yessirree!

Bong of Will Express Delivery is always there to pick up my boxes whether it’s 7:00 AM or on a weekend… and he does it with a smile!

We should keep them busy this year by sending as many gifts to the staff of the orphanage, our Maya’s Hope Superstars, our social workers… let’s remember those who work tirelessly too in the Philippines to make sure our kids receive the necessities every month!

If you want to ship a gift to a “houseparent” or caregiver in the Philippines, or a gift to Leila Fernando-Tolosa the administrator, or Agnes and Francia our social workers in Norzagaray or our newest social workers in Bustos… just leave a comment!

Remember that without these amazing people, we wouldn’t have our sponsorship program! Let’s show our appreciation for these unsung heroes too!

P.S… once these gifts are received by Leila at the orphanage, our social workers have to bring all the gifts two hours away and distribute them to our sponsor kids…. Norzagaray is up in the mountains, it’s humid, it’s rocky… it’s hard work. Trust me, I’ve been there… so if you’re wondering how can you make someone’s holiday this year… maybe you can even consider for our friends and partners who help keep our program of sponsorship super duper strong!!! u003C3 u003C3 u003C3 via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook