Photo Diary – October 19, 2012 at 10:35PM

Some of you may know I work non-stop on Maya’s Hope. Even if I go to dinner, it’s usually with someone connected to Maya’s Hope. I eat, breath, sleep helping cutie pies.

And one thing I often mention are “casefiles” – this is purely by habit. So I wanted to explain the process.

1- Leila the administrator of the orphanage contacts social workers to pull information on each child, takes a picture of each child, the child writes a letter to a potential sponsor.
2- Leila has the pictures printed, and attaches the “casefile” with the letter and picture and gathers about 50 of them to send to me via snail mail
3- when I receive them, I take a picture with my phone of the child, casefile and letter.
4- I then send the letter to be translated, send “raw” casefile to a writer, then when I receive those, I send off to editor to review for any mistakes… then I forward to a graphic designer.
5- Once the graphic designer sends back to me, I send to editor to check for any last mistakes…
6- send off finally to a sponsor!

Trust me, this is no easy task… not everyone is available to do the work, so I have created an army of volunteers ready to step up to the task …

Here is a casefile of Marcel… This was done by Zarina, one of our new graphic designers! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook