Photo Diary – September 17, 2012 at 07:49PM

One Lump or Two?
Looks like his hump is broken!
Why is there a camel in this picture?
Well, if you must know, in addition to my love of camels, I love Mariya.
Mariya is our amazing partner in Ukraine who provides updates and purchases formula for our cutie pies at Kalinovka Orphanage. She is constantly following up on my requests, and because if our strong partnership with her and Albert Pavlov’s organization, Happy Child, we are hiring caregivers to give love and attention to our precious ones like Sergey.

Mariya has been gone for a while… she was in Kazakhstan and as soon as I saw her pictures I said, I MUST post. She obliged.

So, we get to see our beautiful Mariya… and a camel… in Kazakhstan. What more can we ask for?

Well, perhaps more help for our cutie pies at Kalinovka! 🙂 via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook