Photo Diary – September 28, 2012 at 04:27PM

These are my beautiful boys from Bulacan…
Justin(e) and Rolando are brothers. (On the left)
Angelo and Jomar are brothers (on the right)
All four have had a rocky childhood… Rolando, Angelo and Jomar have been in our sponsorship program for three years (they were part of the first 5 kids I had agreed to find sponsors for)…. Justin(e) was recently added since he just was admitted…

Our loving sponsors are Ethan and Damaris from Texas, Yale and Neta from New York, and Jessica from New York…

Further note:
Angelo and Jomar were originally at our orphanage partner Bethlehem House of Bread but then returned to their mother some months ago… since they couldn’t receive a proper education and daily nutrition, they eventually had to go back to another sister orphanage… We all were so relieved when we heard they were admitted back into an orphanage. We try very hard to protect these children from the harsh reality of their homelife… I personally have met the mother of Angelo and Jomar… She is a loving mother. There is not one doubt in my heart about this… but she simply does not earn enough to provide food for these kids.

She visits them and I’m sure it breaks her heart to leave them… In the end, she cares that these children will be healthy and safe and receive an education.

At least this band of brothers will stick together and stay strong… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook