Photo Diary – September 30, 2012 at 09:29PM

Our Sasha!

Well, sooo many people are a fan of Sasha… including our Guardian Angel sponsors Julie from Ohio and Anna from London!

So I had to feature Sasha since I have been somewhat neglectful of this hardworking young man…

During Julie’s recent visit to Kalinovka, she found herself blown away about how hospitable, hard-working and loving Sasha was… He washed her clothes, he cleaned, he helped the caregivers dress the kids… He took pride in his work. (Don’t you wish kids today had that same work ethic? … but I digress!)

While Julie thanked Sasha it seemed to be rare for Sasha to hear “spasiba” for what he does on a daily basis. Sasha is featured from 2010 (sorry old picture!) and unfortunately has “aged out” and therefore cannot be adopted.

A few kind souls suggested to help Sasha, and I thought… let’s start with cards… it may be a simple gesture, but since Sasha rarely hears a thank you, imagine his surprise to receive a card and a picture from a foreigner who just wants to say “Thank you”…

If you would like to send a “greeting” to Sasha, please send to :

Maya’s Hope
P.O. Box 7439
NY, NY 10116-7439

You can keep it as simple as possible… and we will have it translated, then send it all to Ukraine…

We will be his family across the world… 🙂 via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook