Saving Jake


Meet this super dad.

Jacob was a janitor. He was earning minimum wage cleaning the administrative offices on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. After taxes, he was taking home $3.85 a day. His son Jake was born with this condition and since there are few hospitals in their city, (1 public hospital and 2 private hospitals), he was out of luck. There is not one neurosurgeon on their island. Then, his wife left. She never said why, she just left her husband and child.

Jacob had to quit his job to raise his bedridden child and would receive rice from relatives. They tried desperately to get help. They received funds from the local government to go to Manila, but they had no where to stay, and no doctor would see Jake. They gave up and returned. Jake’s condition got worse… and worse.

Today I found out that one of my Facebook friends said, “Maya is a kind-hearted woman. You should contact her to help him.” So I received a Facebook message from the sister of the grandmother of Jake. She asked for me to help this little boy. We flew father and son to Manila a few days ago, and they are now staying at the hospital. Jake is scheduled for operation this Saturday and the surgery, flight and incidentals come to $5,000. We have already raised $535 and $799 separately so we only need $3666 to make this happen!

Just imagine how Jacob feels. Let’s make this miracle happen… Let’s raise the $5K for his son to give him this surgery that they have prayed for. We can do this. Jake and his father Jacob have been waiting 4 years for this miracle to happen.

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