Happier Girls in a Happy Home in Ukraine

Cutie Pies Have a Happier Home 

Thanks to the generosity of some pretty amazing people… we are able to make a happier home for our cutie pies. 

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Hi Maya,

We’ve got from you already for the 2nd happy home needs $2000, which make 23420 UAH (Ukrainian currency).

From the money you’ve donated we’ve already paid for TV (bc the amount from other donors was not enough, so we took 108.90 UAH from you), 193 UAH paid for fastening for TV (to put it on the wall), 560 UAH paid for TV tuner, 165 UAH paid for kettle, 7896 paid for drapes and staff for it, 85 UAH for a metal kettle, 212 UAH for 2 metal buckets.

Left for now 14200.10 UAH
We gonna buy an electric cooker (2500 UAH), vacuum cleaner (700 UAH), mosquito nets (2100 UAH), french blinds (can’t say their cost yet), chairs, as we haven’t bought any and should gather old chairs at the orphanage, PC is planned to be bought too.

Please let me know, if I should clarify anything.

Attached is the doc, which says, which items were brought to Kalinovka and how much they cost.

thanks for your help,



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