September letters are here!

2013-10-02 13-47-58_0175Hi, sister!

How are you? Here everything is fine. Tomorrow I’m planning on returning to work. The work with the kiddies is going smoothly.  They have learned to count from 0 to 10 forward and backward; they recognize numbers in and out of order. They can recognize and show geometric figures, separate them by type (flat and 3 – dimensional). When I teach them a certain subject, we follow up by strengthening what they’ve learned through independent exercises or examples that were done by the entire class. We solve a lot of problems that show comparisons – more or less; higher or lower; wider or narrower. The children also know the basic colors and can differentiate objects based on their shape or size.  A big plus is that the kids have learned to evaluate their behavior – what’s good and what’s bad. Everything else is fine.  Good-bye, till we meet again.



2013-10-02 11-00-01_0171 2013-10-02 11-06-52_0172

Hi, my dear girlfriend!

How are you? Here everything is fine. The summer has come to an end and with it, my vacation!  It has been replaced by ordinary, gray autumn days, slowly turning into winter. But they are colored by the children, who, during wet, rainy days will surround me with their silly questions, stories and memories.  We will weave bright, colorful crafts.  The cozy room always contains a cozy, warm and cheerful atmosphere! I’ve always liked being here.  Here, all the daily troubles are forgotten.  The boys create such a powerful, positive flow of energy that we can open our own power plant!  The most important thing is to direct this energy toward fulfilling a need.  The boys need to be involved in physical activities and music.



And now I want to proudly announce that our Sergey has learned to embroider with beads!  Looks almost professional!  He follows the pattern precisely, collecting beads that are all the same size. It’s amazing!

Our Artem has been taken to get surgery.  The day before his trip I sat beside him, gave him a hug and wished him a safe journey and healthy legs.  He did not show any signs of anxiety, but his wide eyes revealed fear.  Too bad it’s not possible to support him while he is at the hospital.  But it’s alright, he is a strong one!  His will to walk will overcome his fear!  I wish him all the best!  And we can only wait and hope for the best!

I’ll end here!



Write me!



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Hi, dear girlfriend!

My boys and I are sending you a huge hello!

We’re doing fine.  My boys have grown over the summer, became stronger and turned into real helpers.  The boys who wash dishes with great pleasure and enjoy cleaning the tables are Sasha, Sergey, Artem, Ruslan and Oleg. Sergey, Artem and Oleg specially like washing the dishes.



Maksim Balabas’ and Yura collect the toys.

Ruslan unmakes the beds.

The boys are all learning to make their beds.  Of course, not everyone is particularly good at it yet, but they try.  Artem makes sure that Maksim P. is always dry and clean.  Throughout the day we try to keep Maksim without a diaper – then he asks to use the bathroom.  Maksim himself can climb on and off his wheelchair.

Yesterday, on September 26, Artem was taken to the Zaporozh’e Regional Hospital for preparations for and a subsequent surgery for his legs, so he can learn to walk.

(a chunk of the letter is missing)


… and Maksim Balabas’ on October 25, 2000. We’ll bake a cake for the boys and celebrate their birthdays.

That’s all.  Bye.



2013-10-02 17-44-00_0178

Hello, dear friend!

The boys from Dorm 1 and I have decided to write you a letter. We are doing well, although there has been some talk about moving us to a different home, of course we don’t want to leave, but we think it will be nice there.

This month we had a day of birthdays for Nikita and V. Semenyuk – the classroom was decorated in 1274169_705228086158479_1656665004_oballoons, everyone wore cone hats, masks, blew out the candles on the cake, took pictures, listened to music, had fun and clapped our hands.  It was cute.  Also, L. Kozak and K. Avdusenko are learning to embroider with beads and they are doing well.  J. Klochkoviy and L. Kozak also like to make collages with colored construction paper.

We are working little by little, learning, of course there are difficulties, but we get through them.  I guess we’ll end our letter.  Till we meet. Bye.


the children from dorm 1



Translation by Kat Dudina


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