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Sponsor a Cutie Pie! Save a Life!

Can you imagine living on less than $2 a day? It’s quite difficult to find a decent meal (let alone any meal) with just that – which is why it’s surprising that almost half of the population in the Philippines survive on less!

Not surprisingly, living at poverty level is even harder for kids. There are over 40 million children in the Philippines, but almost half of these kids (barely) survive on a few dollars per week, after learning to provide for themselves from a very young age. Of the 20 million living below the poverty lines, nearly 2 million are orphans.

In Ukraine, parents of children with special needs are encouraged to hand their children over to state care. They are told their children are a burden on society. Children are sent to institutions where they are subjected to abuse and neglect. There is minimal support available to parents who fight to keep their children with them. Maya’s Hope wants to help relieve some of the burden on these amazing parents and assist in keeping children with their families, where they belong.

How to help:

– Email maya@mayashope.org to find out which children need a sponsor!

– You can visit our FACEBOOK page to find our active fundraisers for children in need!

– Visit our Linktree to find a full list of latest fundraisers

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Sponsor a Child