Our new Ukraine sponsors help Zhytomyr orphanage buy baby formula

February marked the start of our sponsorship program with Zhytomyr baby orphanage. Thanks to our new sponsors (Irina, Cynthia and Amy), we now have 5 Ukrainian angels in our Maya’s Hope family (Lilia, Katerina, Karina, Aleksandr, Nikita).

Ruslan is our amazing volunteer who serves as a liaison and translator between Maya’s Hope and the administrator at Zhytomyr orphanage, Svetlana. We received a cheerful message from Svetlana today, giving us an update on the impact our sponsors have on the babies’ lives:

“Hello Ruslan! we hereby send Maya an expense report for $300 which confirms acquisition of “Hipp-company” baby-formula for this amount. We thank Maya and all people of good will who sent money for Katya. After surgery we will send a soft copy of expense report. Thank you for help. We wish love, happiness and all the best to all who participated in this project.
Sincerely S. Ursulenko”

Ruslan explains that they’ve attached a purchase order along with that message, which was in Ukrainian. It showed that the Zhytomyr orphanage purchased 106 Baby-formula items (5 different types of formula/baby food) for 3086.71 Ukrainian Hryvnias with VAT tax of 514.45 Ukrainian Hryvnias included (1 USD = 8 Ukrainian Hryvnia).

Feb Expense Report from Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Hurray for happy, well-fed and healthy babies!