Surgery for Lord Cedric!

Lord Cedric is the 4th of 7 children. His mother is a laundrywoman, while his father works as sidecar boy, and do extra carpentry jobs on the side. Lord Cedric was being bullied in school mates. These school mates splashed him with water until he slipped and accidentally sat on a metal rod of the planter’s box that pierced his anus. The anal area bled.

They were referred to the Philippine General Hospital. It was lucky that his urinary bladder was not affected. Surgery was done on February 2, 2015.


A distal colonogram done in June 30, 2015, showed a patent Distal Colon. Which means he is ready for closure of the colostomy.”

His corrective surgery has now been successfully performed thanks to YOU!

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We are still fundraising to funds two more surgeries like Lord Cedric’s. We hope you can help! Donate HERE!