Sveta’s Surgery was a Success!


Sveta was born at 35 weeks and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Shortly after birth, her lungs collapsed. The doctors told her mother she would not be a healthy child and asked if she wanted them to resuscitate her or not. Her mother told them immediately to resuscitate her. Sveta’s mother was also left to raise her three children on her own.


Sveta and her mother live in a tiny home with only two rooms.


Sveta began to walk at age three, using a walker. She went through a growth spurt at the age of 10 and her mobility has deteriorated since then.

She is now 13 and needed surgery on her tendons which will hopefully enable her to start walking independently again and give her more freedom! Sveta is full of hope and determination to achieve this goal.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, Sveta’s surgery was completely funded! Find out how surgery and her recovery is going below.

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“On June 28, under general anesthesia, Sveta had a multiple tendon lengthening operation using the method of Professor Ulzibat. The operation was successful and was without complications. For a few days the puncture sites ached, but is improving. Three days after the operation, Sveta was allowed to sit, but to stand and walk with support will be possible only 20 days after the operation.


Sveta is already home – she is happy to be there and is gradually recovering. In a month there will be massages and easy physical activity, in the future it will gradually increase. With hard work Sveta has every chance to get up from a wheelchair and walk with her walker.


According to the conclusion of doctors, Sveta has a curvature of the spine. For a year the angle increased from 17 to 32 degrees due to a sudden increase in height. Now the growth stopped and doctors recommend in October to carry out the operation to equalize the lumbar spine. Otherwise internal organs will suffer from pressure and deformation.”


In Ukraine, parents of children with special needs are encouraged to hand their children over to state care. They are told their children are a burden on society. Children are sent to institutions where they are subjected to abuse and neglect. There is minimal support available to parents who fight to keep their children with them. Maya’s Hope wants to help relieve some of the burden on these amazing parents and assist in keeping children with their families, where they belong.

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