Sweet little Madel!

Sweet little Madel!!! Our Maya’s Hope Superstar is smiling with books and gifts she received from her loving sponsor Lana from Bermuda. Madel is a very shy and humble little princess who is super happy to have her Tita Lana in her life. Lana helps Madel with food supplies, school items, and other necessities every month. Madel is definitely one of our biggest “smilers”, especially thanks to lovely Lana!

Madel’s mother

Have you ever seen such an infectious smile? Meet Madel, a little girl from Norzagaray, Philippines. Though Madel is from a first-class municipality, she is far from a first-class life. Given her huge smile, one would never know that Madel is too poor to attend school or even eat a proper meal. Then again, her mother sells barbecue sticks for a living and can barely make ends meet.

(Click the pictures below for a closer look at Madel’s home)

Now entering grade one, Madel struggles to read and write, and is trailing behind her classmates. However, thanks to Lana, Madel now has a sponsor. She is able to eat and attend school. You can imagine how big her smile is these days!

“She continues to blossom even through her circumstances, I continue to be happy that she was chosen as my little girl to sponsor,” beams Lana, Madel’s Sponsor since 2009. “It gives me such joy to know she has a better life these days.”