A Tough Princess

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Chesca on September 14, 2014


Chesca in August 2014











Chesca is a 5 year old princess. A really tough princess.

She is fighting for her life and Maya’s Hope is here to cheer her on!

Chesca is fighting the evil monster called “Cancer.”  She’s diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

She’s been in the hospital for one week, and her first medical bill is $3000.00 USD. She received her first round of chemo and will not give up.

(You can see how tough she is here.)

She will win this fight with your help.


She is so grateful for support that she made this video:

To help her, you can go here:

Friends in New York City have made videos to cheer her on:

If you want to help, you can share this video below with your friends:

To learn about how this happened, read her story.

Since Maya’s Hope started spreading the word about our princess, she’s been featured three times.

1) Inquisitr

2) Fil Am New York

3) Filipino Reporter

Chesca’s only wish is to wear her princess dress as soon as her shoulder gets better. 10448739_10203892203638165_2391123766232857047_n

Help her wish come true!