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Ukraine’s Forgotten Children (BBC4) – We Can Help Them!

If you’d like to help these children featured in the BBC documentary Ukraine’s Forgotten Children, please email

Click HERE to find out more about providing formula, medication, therapy and more to orphans with special needs.

Click HERE to find out more about providing loving caregivers to orphans with special needs.



1 Response

  1. Very moving documentary. I have been to numerous orphanages in Ukraine and seen this first hand. Now with the closing of the Internats (senior orphanages) in favour of foster homes, children as young as 9 or 10 are being sold to traffickers for as little as $250.
    The registered Canadian charity I work with has recently completed a safe house and training centre for those at risk of trafficking and have just welcomed out first residents.
    Keep up your great work. You can check out some of ours, also on YouTube at

    Thank you for your concern for children!