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Ukraine’s Forgotten Children (BBC4) – We Can Help Them!

If you’d like to help these children featured in the BBC documentary Ukraine’s Forgotten Children, please email

The following are the non-profits fighting for a better future for the Ukrainian orphans:

Happy Child Foundation: (

Happy Child was formed by Albert Pavlov in 2007 and is focused on helping orphans. It is this foundation that has been very supportive and involved in helping Nikolai at the Chernihvsky Institute, over the past few years. The foundation is now seeking to raise the money to renovate a second building at Nikolai’s institute to provide another Small Group Home that will take both girls and boys into it. The sum needed is $25,000.00.

Maya’s Hope Foundation: (

We have been working together with Albert Pavlov of Happy Child Foundation to fund caregivers (who are like mothers, teachers and “Guardian Angels”) for the children at the new family-style homes. We also help provide special formula for seriously sick and bedridden children like Margarita.

Learn more about their new home, the women who care for the children, as well as Albert Pavlov’s dream and plan to build them a brighter future:
“Help improve the lives of the special needs orphans permanently”
“Orphans who don’t get adopted, can they also have a fairy tale ending?”
“6 facts about the women who love the abandoned children”
“You’re Not Special, You’re BROKEN!” — 6 abandoned children prove them wrong

To help sponsor a caregiver who will provide love and care to the children, or help sponsor food supplements for children like Margarita, please email me at

Ukraine Charity: (

Ukraine Charity was established in 2007 in London in order to raise funds for various charitable causes in Ukraine. The main focus has been to help orphans and underprivileged children and young adults in Ukraine. The charity provided money for Nikolai to furnish the Small Group Home for the selected nine boys to move in to.

Hope and Homes: (

Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family and are the leading experts in closing children’s institutions and reforming childcare systems. They have been working in Ukraine since 1998 and during this time have transformed the lives of many hundreds of children by creating 65 Family Type Homes, two Mother and Baby Units as well as the Ray of Hope Centre for Social Services in Makariv. Hope and Homes for Children is committed to ending the institutionalisation of children in Ukraine. In 2011 they completed the first closure of an institution in the country – Barvinok Institution in Makariv Rayon – providing alternative family based care for the 80 resident children and stemming the flow of children into the institution through preventative work with families at risk of abandoning their children in the community. Makariv now stands as an example of how a childcare system based on institutions can be transformed into one that is based on families and will be used to influence further childcare reform in the country.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation:

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has supported the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (AUNPLWHA) since 2002 to enable them to work for the needs of people living with HIV, especially children. The Foundation has supported projects preventing children of parents living with HIV from being placed in orphanages and is actively working to foster HIV+ chidlren out of institutes.

Care in Action:

Care in Action is active helping Children’s homes in Ukraine since 15 years. They are working all out to modernize the Care model, to activate and involve the local community to improve the lot of children in care and give support to teenagers who leave the institutions.

★ Please email me at for more information on how you can help, and join us on! ★

The original documentary “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children” is on BBC4, and we also found it here:

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  1. Very moving documentary. I have been to numerous orphanages in Ukraine and seen this first hand. Now with the closing of the Internats (senior orphanages) in favour of foster homes, children as young as 9 or 10 are being sold to traffickers for as little as $250.
    The registered Canadian charity I work with has recently completed a safe house and training centre for those at risk of trafficking and have just welcomed out first residents.
    Keep up your great work. You can check out some of ours, also on YouTube at

    Thank you for your concern for children!