Happy Story No. 1: Woohoo! Introducing Episode 1 of our “Happy Stories”!

How are you this brand new year? I know I’m a little late with the new year wishes, but luckily, it’s always new year somewhere 🙂 Happy Chinese New Year! May all your wishes be fulfilled, and your happiness be without limit this year.

2011 was a lucky year for many children at Bethlehem and Kalinovka orphanage. Our sponsor family has now grown to 31 children sponsored in the Philippines and 4 babies in the Ukraine!

But the new year got me in a retrospective mood. It’s now been 3 years since the event that caused me to start visiting orphanages in the Philippines and Ukraine. And now that it’s 2012, I find myself wishing that I could have done more with the time I had.

So, I’d like to commit to getting more serious about helping the children this year. Here are some of the exciting changes we have planned for 2012:

We’re going to be more transparent in everything we do. We’ll try to show you more of what goes on behind the scenes at Maya’s Hope, through pictures and videos. We’ll also try to show you more of the lovely children as much as we can.

Next, we’re going to start building long-term relationships in Ukraine to help the children at orphanages like Kalinovka. Thanks to Irina and Cynthia, 4 babies (Nikita, Katerina, Karina and Lilia) were recently sponsored at Kalinovka. Going forward, we want to make sure that our logistics in Ukraine are solid, and that we create lasting and long-term change for the children wherever possible.

OK. Now for the surprise I promised. Here’s something we’ve SECRETLY been working on for the last month…

Welcome to our new Happy Story Club!!! 🙂

One of the things that inspired our team was an old Chinese Proverb that said, “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” So, we decided to start the Happy Story Club to unite people to create Happy Stories for children in need around the world. At the end of each month, we’ll feature the best Happy Story that we’ve created, exclusively on Maya’s Hope.

Check out our very first story, where George and his family share with us their adoption journey from Indianapolis to Ukraine and back, and their surprising discovery at the end.

Click here for: Episode 1: “The boy who is fascinated by cameras” 🙂

Happy New Year Hugs to you and your loved ones!