Zaporozhye Orphan Asylum

For Boys with abnormality of mental development

Watch Maya’s visit to the orphanage back in 2011 below!

Zaporozhye Orphan Asylum was founded in 1981 in the resort place Velikiy Lug of the Zaporozhye city. It accommodates 155 children including 61 orphans.

Zaporozhye orphan asylum is one of the medical institutions for the permanent accommodation of boys with the mental development disorder aged from 4 to 18 who need permanent medical and welfare help. Among the causes of abnormality in mental development there are birth injuries, Down syndrome, epilepsy, rhesus blood factors of the parents, intracranial pressure and etc.



According to the regulations about the youth department, some children can live in the asylum for up to 25 years. After leaving the asylum the children are sent to the psychoneurologic hostels in the villages Kirovo, Preslav and Orlovo of Zaporozhye Region.



The asylum is under the authority of  Social Protection Administration of Zaporozhye regional state administration and it is an establishment of community property that is financed by the regional budget.

The key objectives of the Zaporozhye orphan asylum’s activity.

The asylum’s staff works at the problem of social integration and rehabilitation of children. Some children are admitted with the profound mental retardation.



The children are divided into 8 groups according to the age and mental development. Each group has 2 teachers and 5 medical attendants that are working day and night. Each group has 15 to 20 children.

In accordance with the special program of the Research Institute of the Defectology of the USSR  of 1984 year the children have 4 lessons each day from September 1 to May 25th.


Sergey and Yuri

In free time grown-up foster children are engaged in different activities, for example cleaning and improving the territory of the asylum, loading and unloading works.

To master the skill of self-service is a long process for children with abnormality of mental development. From the very start of children’s accommodation in the asylum, they cannot even speak, however after finishing the educational institution the orphans can serve themselves, read, write, count. Facts speak for themselves.



Every year all groups of orphans (20-36 children) go to the Azov Sea to the recreation camp “Orlyatko” in Genichesk city.

All the year round the children go to the forest along the bank of the Dnepr river.

On holidays the children from music schools arrange concerts and performances for the asylum pupils. Besides, the orphans are also involved in amateur performances.

Zaporozhe orphan asylum staff.

Total staff – 118 people. The staff includes

1. Administration – 10 people.

2. Household and Maintenance – 18 people.

3. Medical staff – 10 people.

4. Medical attendants – 45 people.

5. Teachers – 22 people.

6. Kitchen staff – 9 people.

7. Security – 4 people.

The total staff includes female – 88%, male – 12%. 14% of the staff includes the university graduates. 30% of the staff employees have secondary education. 3% are studying to get the education.



Contact information:

Zaporozhye Orphan Asylum

Donetskaya Str. 18, Zaporozhye  Ukraine

Tel: +3 8061 286-96-67 (reception), 286-96-64 (on duty)

Director of the orphanage – Ludmila Goncharenko

More on Ludmila:

Education.  From 1980 to 1985 studied in Zaporozhye State Pedagogical Institute, Specialty – Teacher of the Russian language and literature.

Professional experience:

From 1977 to 1979. – School No.45, elementary school teacher.
From 1979 to 1990. – School No. 22, a teacher of Russian language and literature.
From 1990 to 2010. – school No.104, a teacher of Russian language and literature.
Since 2011 – Director of Zaporozhye orphanage for handicapped children.
Honorary titles: “Top-ranked teacher,” “Senior teacher”, “Excellence in Public Education.”


Sergey and Ludmila