Zoey, The Little Star


Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star!

Meet Zvezdelina (little star) “Zoey” (life), Jordanova (river flowing) Winslow.

She was waiting for her family.. until she left our planet last week at 1:00 am in Bulgaria. Her family wasn’t able to bury her. She is another child who was to be forgotten.

But we won’t let that happen.

When I saw Zoey’s face, she reminded me of our little Margarita in Ukraine. They are 2 months apart. Margarita was saved by formula Maya’s Hope was providing. Zoey wasn’t fortunate enough. Zoey just celebrated her 7th birthday last December. She weighed 10 pounds.

Please keep Zoey and the Winslow Family in your prayers. No child should have life denied like this. Sadly, her death was 100% preventable.

You can see more pictures here of this little star…

Despite this tragedy, I believe there’s hope in all of this… Perhaps it will inspire others to adopt these children, or perhaps through our work to highlight our superstars, someone will even adopt Margarita…

Zoey is officially a little star in the heavens… just like her name.

<3 Maya
















This is Margarita who is two months older than Zoey.  Margarita will be 7 years old in February.

If you want to help Margarita, you can email for ways to help!