$4.16 a Gallon

Imagine if the cost of fuel in your country suddenly doubled?!

Over the last year the cost of fuel in Ukraine has increased from US$2.15 to US$4.16 per gallon. And the price is likely to continue to rise. Maya’s Hope pays for the fuel to transport therapists and doctors to Kalinovka and also for kids to go to the hospital for treatment. Kalinovka is a 186 mile round trip from Zaporozhia.

The cost of living is also rising swiftly. Ukrainians are struggling to buy the basics, thousands have lost their homes and jobs. The average monthly salary in Ukraine is around US$220. Orphans, especially those with special needs are a very low priority.

This is what life is like for our partner in Ukraine, Mariya:

Since last year our Eurorevolution started, we are always waiting for a war in our region. And everything is Saying about it. Not only news, but many people in uniform or special military cars on roads. Like yesterday we had very much snow and if not a military car, my bus would just stuck on the road…

To be honest, not much fear left in us now, but it makes me angry, that we not really can plan anything in our life, bc we 1. still don’t now, if real war would be in Zap. 2.can’t plan, what will be with our money, bc prices are raising all the time since last year, Fuel costs 2 times more, for food now I have to spend for me and my bf 3/4 of my salary, heating and water costs are raising too.
the same is with situation at orphanages, they don’t have money for fuel since September, troubles with buying nappies at time, so that at some places they put clothes in children’s underwear instead of nappies. They even gave kids their lunch as a gift for Xmas…
While all the state money goes to the war, normal people can spend money for paying their flat and food. Bc you never know, what happens tomorrow. My brother is by military in Western Ukraine and had to be at home in October. Now he is staying there till summer. Even if he is not in war region, my mother fear every day, that he will be send there.

Our Massage Therapist, Sasha, with Anzhela

If you would like to donate towards fuel costs click HERE!

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