Maya’s Hope drops 500 lbs of clothing on Chernigov orphanage (thank you Little Traveler Clothing)

A few months ago, Shaun Budka of Little Traveler Children’s Clothing dropped off 500 lbs (16 boxes) of children’s clothing for Maya’s Hope to send to Ukraine.

Towers of boxes from Shaun Budka @ Little Traveler for the children at Kalinovka

Boxes sent off to be shipped!

And… earlier this week, we received news from the orphanage that our boxes have arrived safely! Mariya, our partner at Happy Child Foundation in Ukraine, sent us these pictures…

Even if you don’t speak Ukrainian, you can understand by looking at her eyes. They didn’t expect this at all. They are extremely grateful.

Valya is the 2nd caregiver sponsored by our Maya’s Hope family at the new children’s home for disabled children. She gets a little teary as she unpacks a box.

Raisa is our very first caregiver in our Guardian Angel program. The clothes will keep the children warm in winter.

Some of the boxes were sent to another orphanage that also needed clothing. They too will be surprised and wonder who sent these boxes or what’s in them. And then they’ll be touched to find what’s inside.

Christmas has come early for these children, thanks to Little Traveler. They may never know where their nice new warm clothes came from.

Maybe we’ll tell them it was Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!