A Little Girl’s Special Meal

Meet Hermelina!

Hermelina’s story is a sad one…

She lost her mother and lives very simply with her brother and grandparents in a shack in the Philippines. Her father is a tricycle driver with very meager earnings.

When she was brought into our program at Maya’s Hope, she discovered what it was like to to have a mother again.

Her sponsor Pamela Acosta from New Jersey sends her gifts, but most importantly, she shows that Hermelina has value.

When Maya discovered that Hermelina had an inguinal hernia last year, which was something she had suffered for more than 4 years, Maya said,

“Send her to a doctor asap and let’s get her surgery.”

Hermelina healed quickly after the surgery and is grateful for the love of her sponsor.

For Christmas 2014, her sponsor Pamela apologized for not sending a gift. Instead, she wanted to treat Hermelina and her family to a dinner at a restaurant. For us Americans, going to Kentucky Fried Chicken is a non event.

For Hermelina and her family, it’s a luxury!

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Hermelina can now look forward to a better life because she doesn’t have to worry about not having enough to eat or not being able to go to school. All thanks to her loving sponsor!

If you would like to sponsor a child, go HERE!