An accident & apology

Over the weekend, John Dexter (one of our sponsor kids) was hit by a motorbike.

But read what John Dexter said after he was hit.


From our Field Worker in the Philippines

6/28/2014, 8:11am

good evening ate maya,

i came from the hospital because john dexter was accidentally hit by a motorbike and sad to say there are two fractured bone in his leg. 

i dont know what to do his parents has no money as well as the driver,,but the driver brought him to the hospital immediately for the first aide treatment..the doctor said she will undergo for an x-ray again and if the result is good they will put a cast on his leg.. 

i ask dexter what happened ?he told me that he is going to the church to attend mass but his cap fell down and he doesn’t know that the motorbike is approaching to his way..

but i’m very touch to what he said:


John Dexter said sorry to the driver and admitted it was his fault and he also said sorry mam for what happened,and he ask me if he will go to school again after the accident…

i’m home now, we are waiting for the driver to go back to the hospital to pay the hospital bill but he only have 500 pesos (Less than $12 USD) in his pocket,,he promise that he will be back tomorrow to take dexter out in the hospital..the driver is asking some help because his mother is also in the hospital..the hospital bill is 8250. (Under $200 USD)

i will go back to the hospital tomorrow to find out if the driver will pay the hospital bill.i will ask also about the medicines he needed..ok i will call tomorrow about the total cost that we are going to pay for john dexter..the driver promise me that he will help for the hospital bill..

bye for now i will go back to the hospital as early in the morning to check if john dexter is fine and if they have food to eat.   


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