And it’s off to Ukraine!!! Boxes shipped to Kalinovka Orphanage

Maya’s Hope ships to Ukraine!

Today we shipped out nearly 500 pounds of clothing — they were all donations from Little Traveler thanks to Shaun Budka! We hauled tushy this morning, all to make sure that our cutie pies in the Zaporozhie region and children at Kalinovka can receive a bit more love!

I spent the past few weeks with 8 boxes sitting in my kitchen, and today was the magical day they were all shipped to Ukraine! Alex and Ruslan (of Meest America shipping) prepared my boxes for an hour this morning and I made this short video so you could see what Maya’s Hope is about! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who donated to Maya’s Hope… we appreciate every dollar you send! It goes to shipments like these! Thank you for believing in our super stars…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

They mean the world to me!!!

Phew! Off they go to Kalinovka!

(P.S. I can now see the floor!)