August 2015 – Olya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi, dear friend!

Best wishes to you from Olga and the girls from our campus. We are doing well. Summer is over quickly and it is Autumn now, but girls are still dreaming to go to the sea-side. They liked going to the club there and make friends with other children. Today we went for a walk around the campus, we gathered flowers and leaves for the herbarium, memorizing colors: green leaf, yellow leaf, red and white rose-leaves. We came back for lunch happy and tired. Now we are already making plans where we will go next time.





Vera will have a birthday soon and she is looking forward for it. She has already wished for a cake and she is showing how she will be blowing candles.



Miroslava’s parents came to see her and she will be going home soon.

11863257_1155497081143786_656723765808088912_nMiroslava and her parents!  Girls are very upset. Vera is crying, she wants to have a mother too, and Larisa is afraid that nobody would want to take her to the family. That is all from us. I am doing well. Please write how you are, what you are doing, when you are going to visit us.

Good bye!



Translated by Ksenia Mikhailovskaya 

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