August 2015 – Sophie’s Letter!

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Hello, sister!

How are you? How are you doing?



I’m fine. Everything’s good at work, though I’ve already left my kids. But we had time to make a walk to the pond; they’ve splashed and swum, and been very pleased with our walk.


At home we’ve sculpted some figures from plasticine. They’ve painted pictures and drawn in their albums.

Sophie with some of the adults of Kalinovka

Some children have assembled building kit and pyramid, and played musical toys. The caregiver and kids took a walk over the orphanage territory while playing; they went to soccer field, played with a ball, fooled around. That’s how our two farewell weeks have passed.

Vanya and Yura

Vanya and Yura

Of course, I visit them, miss them.

Everything else is fine. Here I’ll finish my brief letter.


Translated by Olha Koshelieva

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